Home schooling

Lots of families will have to consider home schooling. Here we will discuss some of the different types of home schooling styles.

Eclectic home schooling parents use different styles, they combine different methods and feel free to use what works at the moment. They are free from boundaries and chop and change their style to suite their needs.

The Montessori style is based on “errorless learning”. The child does not make any mistakes – there are only learning opportunities. The child learns at his/her own pace. That pace may be faster, on pace or slower than their age peers.

Home schoolers that use this approach, incorporate the five tools of learning, referred to as the Trivium, within the 3 stages of learning: Grammar, Dialect and Rhetoric. There is an emphasis on the Greek and Latin, as well as in depth study of classic literature.

Online home schoolers’ curriculum is mostly, if not all, on the internet or on computer based software. They make use of technology as a learning tool.


With this approach the education is 100% student-led. it is a seemingly unstructured approach to education which allow the student to follow his/her interests fully.

As a traditional home schooler, you follow a curriculum-in-a-box approach. it is essentially school at home.


Charlotte Mason
This method believes that a child learns best with real-life situations. Children should be given time to play, as much as possible! Time to create, and be involved in life happenings so they can learn. Students learn literature from “living books”. Living books are books that are writing in a narrative style. The author has a passion for the subject and involves emotion – this makes it easy to remember the facts and events.


This is an adjustment period a child needs to go through after leaving school and before home schooling begins. It helps both the child and parent forget the “school mind set” – the child no longer needs to stand in cues before entering a room, he/she doesn’t need to raise a hand to ask a question and so forth