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Being a parent of gifted children deserves all the support and information that our experts can offer. We have compiled a list of acclaimed authors as well as helpful videos to help you and your child understand giftedness. They share guidelines and approaches to help you understand their diverse intelligence. All in the aide of growing gifted children into tomorrow's trailblazers.

Help! Our child is gifted!
Guidelines for parents of gifted children. Authored by: Shirley Kokot and available from

The School for Gifted Potentials Book Series
Understanding giftedness to help with learning and dealing with social-emotional issues. Authored by: Allis Wade and available from

Giftedness and parenting gifted children 
Delves into the world of giftedness, resiliency, and temperament, offering children and adults a no-nonsense, how-to approach to facing the world head one. Authored by: Christine Fonseca and available from

 Gifted and talented children: signs and identification 

In this video learn about about noticing early giftedness signs like a big vocabulary, advanced use of language or musical talent shared by the Australian parenting website


Helpful videos

Free Downloadable EBooks

“Young Gifted Children”


“You know your child is Gifted when… A beginner’s guide to life on the bright side”

“The joy and the challenge: Parenting Gifted children” (SENG)