Twice exceptional children


Superior vocabulary

Advanced ideas and opinions


Poor social skills

High sensitivity to criticism


Specific talent or consuming interest area


Sophisticated sense of humor


Stubborn, opinionated demeanor


High impulsivity

Poor performance in one or more academic areas

Difficulty with written expression


Wide range of interests not related to school

Penetrating insight into complex issues


Lack of organizational and study skills

Discrepant verbal and performance skills


High levels of creativity and problem-solving ability

Extremely curious, imaginative, and inquisitive


Giftedness sometimes goes hand in hand with various other disabilities. These kids are called Twice Exceptional: they were blessed with intellectual gifts and are classified as special needs.

A 2e child usually refers to a child who, alongside being considered intellectually above average, is formally diagnosed with one or more disabilities.


The disabilities are varied: dyslexia, visual or auditory processing disorderobsessive-compulsive disordersensory processing disorderautismAsperger syndromeTourette Syndrome, or any other disability interfering with the student’s ability to learn effectively in a traditional environment.


The child might have a diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or diagnoses of anxiety or depression. (

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