Dedicated to helping parents & teachers of gifted children in South Africa

Our gifted children are special, but a little different.

We need to advocate for our children. 

We Have Everything You Need

Gifted Children South Africa aim to support you through your journey by providing information and updated news regarding giftedness in South Africa. Our organisation is supported by worldwide leaders in the educational field. We aim to learn and grow together. 

Our Story

Gifted Children South Africa is in the process of registering as a NPC. Ultimately we would like to raise funds so every gifted child can have the professional help needed.

What We Do

 We aim to prevent gifted children from being misdiagnosed – ADHD/Asperger’s/class clown and many other diagnosis that mimic giftedness

How we help

There are many definitions for Giftedness. Gifted children can be grouped by I.Q. (higher  than average) or by their field of Giftedness.